Kicking goals in 45 minutes: latest PenTips products soar

Kicking goals in 45 minutes: latest PenTips products soar

Overwhelming support for PenTips’ latest Apple tech innovations sees its Kickstarter campaign reach new heights with pledges from across the globe.

GRONINGEN, Netherlands, 9 June 2022 – The PenTips 2 and PenMat Kickstarter campaign launched on June 7, 2022, reaching its €30,000 target in an astonishing 45 minutes. 

Within 12 hours the campaign had doubled its funding target, representing a significant interest in the company’s two newest innovations.

Catering to a rapidly growing community of digital artists, the PenTips 2 is a premium screw-on tip for the Apple Pencil made with a superior silicone material for improved responsiveness, longevity, and true-to-life sensation.

The PenMat has also received high praise for its functional matte screen protection, magnetic application for easy attachment and removal, gritty feel, and smudge and glare resistance.

PenTips Founder and CEO, Marc Tuinier, said the unprecedented support for the PenTips 2 and PenMat was indicative of the interest and quality of the company’s latest products.

“We knew our creations appealed to a growing market of digital artists and note-takers, but we never expected such a large influx of pledges,” said Marc. 

“What’s amazing is that our Kickstarter campaign has now almost tripled its target, with pledges continuing to filter through.

“We are very grateful to the community of digital creators who have backed this project, and we hope to raise upwards of €100,000 by the time the campaign ends.”

The PenTips 2 and PenMat are products of continued research, development, and testing, drawing from the feedback of more than 50,000 digital artists across the last 18 months. 

Marc said the inbox had been inundated with praise for the PenMat, with many buyers excited about its magnetic attachment and removal functionality.

“PenTips is always innovating to improve the digital journey for artists everywhere and enhance the user experience with quality products.

“We’ve seen a lot of pledges from the Netherlands, which shows a healthy local community of digital artists, plus great interest across the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium, and Sweden.”

The PenTips 2 and PenMat Kickstarter campaign is still live and accepting pledges, with both products available to ship world-wide from September 2022. 

Discover more ways to create better art by visiting the PenTips website.


About PenTips: PenTips is an entrepreneurial company specializing in creative products for the digital artist. Founded on its innovative PenTips product of the same name, the company has expanded its offering with an ergonomically designed Apple Pencil grip, the PenTips Lycra glove, and the all new PenPad for Procreate. Join more than 50,000 creatives and sign up to the PenTips eNewsletter for product updates and interesting news in the digital art world. The company is built on a team of enthusiasts that live for creating. PenTips, unlock your digital creativity.     

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