Why You Should Try Out Procreate's 3D Modelling

Why You Should Try Out Procreate's 3D Modelling

Last October, Procreate came with update 5.2. This update made it bossible to to 3D modelling in Procreate. 

For example, let’s say you have a 3D model of an amazing cup you want to give your friend for her birthday because she is an avid tea-drinker. You can now import that model into Procreate, create your own design for it and then give your friend the most unique cup in existence. Sure, I hear you thinking. “How can things be more unique than other things? Unique seems kind of binary, not progressive.” And you would be right. 

In this blog we explain in more detail how you can use 3D modeling in Procreate.

How To Get 3D Models

Everybody always wants the models. But how do you get them? Procreate offers a 3D model pack that comes with the update. This allows you to work with the provided models without having to import your own. 

If you want to use your own models, you can import the USBZ or OBJ files and use them in Procreate. You can add the files to “Files” on your iPad, then click the share-icon and choose to open the file in Procreate. After doing that, the 3D model should show up in the app. 

You do have to make sure that the UV-mapping is correct. If not, the file either will not import, or you will get a file with zones you cannot draw on. If you need help with this, you can find 3D-artists online who can help you map your file, or you can buy files from artists on the interwebz.

Fix Your Environment

We all know the environment is important. This is also true for the 3D space. Things can look very different in varying environments. Colors look different depending on lighting and background. So, before you start drawing and designing, make sure that the environment is the one you want to have.

As Ghost Paper says in this video

“...my recommendation is to start painting your 3D model, but try not to get too far before you start tweaking the lights and environment of your scene.”

If not, you will come to the unfortunate moment where you spend all your effort on making the design work in the wrong environment, which will lead to the situation where your design does not work in the right environment, rendering your efforts futile. Not good. 

Use AR

Procreate added something else with update 5.2. The ability to view your models in the real world using AR. Let’s go back to the illustrious cup. Let’s say you have imported a great model of a cup, and you have created the perfect environment. Then, after you have designed the most magnificent cup in virtual existence, you would like to know how it looks in reality. 

You can. Using the AR feature, you can magically make the cup appear on your table, in your cupboard, or on your dog’s nose (if you so desire). This allows you to have a better understanding of what the cup will look like, and to decide whether you need some tweaking. 



3D Modelling in Procreate is definately worth to check out. We think it is amazong that Procreate has opened up the 3D-space to the large number of digital artists that use their app. Due to the pack tof designs that Procreate offers, anyone can try it out to see if they like it. That is also our advice. 

Just try it out. It doesn’t cost you anything more, and maybe you’ll be amazed by what you find. And if not, your friend will still have an amazing cup.

Keep creating. So will we. 

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