A Collection of Video Reviews

A Collection of Video Reviews

On this page you'll find nothing other than an up-to-date collection of videos we've found or been sent that review Pen Tips. 

#1 James Julier Art Tutorials

#2 Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge

#3 Stayf Draws (including Paperlike)

#4 Canoopsy

#5 PrintStick

#6 Teoh on Tech 

#7 Jan Brezina (In Czech) 

#8 Haze Long 


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  • Lara

    I usually don’t write comments like this but I’m all about constructive criticism. I honestly did not enjoy writing with these tips at all. My hand felt sore after a few hours of notetaking at uni and my handwriting looked horrible. I feel like the plastic was too soft and dragged along the screen. I’m really sorry to say this because I think this prodact has a good idea behind it.

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