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PenPad is an intuitive shortcut panel designed for Procreate*. With 23 accessible shortcuts, you can effortlessly flow through your creative process on your iPad®. And with a full charge in less than 2 hours, you can create for a day and a half straight, without blinking.

Color: Black

* the PenPad is not fully compatible with Procreate Pocket (the iPhone version of Procreate).

Say hi to PenPad! Thanks to our backers on Kickstarter, we were able to bring the product to life. 

PenPad: The Ultimate Procreate Accessory for iPad Artists

Introducing PenPad, the indispensable accessory designed exclusively for digital artists using Procreate on their iPads. PenPad revolutionizes your creative workflow by offering an array of easily accessible shortcuts right at your fingertips.

Focus on your art. Not on gestures.

Why PenPad?

PenPad integrates seamlessly with Procreate, delivering shortcuts that enhance productivity and ease the strain on your wrists.

With PenPad, you save time and effort in your art creation process. No more navigating through menus on your screen. A simple tap on PenPad lets you execute commands swiftly, making your workflow as smooth as your creativity.

PenPad Sale price$109.99
PenPad Sale price$109.99

132 mm


89 mm


4 mm - 18 mm




100 mAh

Charging method


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Yvonne van Dalen

PenTips KNOWS their customer, the digital artist, and their products show that. I am absolutely in love with the PenPad that I use in ProCreate, it saves so much time and allows a better flow when drawing. Thank you, PenTips!


I’ve been using PenPad for almost two years and it has been such a game changer to my workflow on Procreate. I don’t think I would ever go back to how I was drawing before now that I’ve experienced how much faster I can draw with the shortcuts on the PenPad.

Apple Insider

If you are an artist who primarily uses Procreate, I cannot stress how good PenPad is. I tend to be a bit critical of tools geared toward artists because they don't often make vast improvements, but PenPad is, quite possibly, my ideal supplementary iPad art tool.