"Help, my Apple Pencil Tip Broke!" Here's How to Prevent This!

"Help, my Apple Pencil tip broke!"

 First of all, congratulations. You have achieved something special, yet highly unpleasant. Problems like this can happen to all of us. You might have broken the Apple Pen Tip in the blink of an eye in an angry mood. But the odds of it happening as an accident are way bigger. 

Nevertheless, your Apple Pencil Tip broke. And you probably wonder why, or you are looking for a proper solution to this problem. It is always better to prevent a problem from happening. So we would like to give you some advice for the future. 

Why did my Apple Pencil tip break?

Let's analyze the problem you face at the moment. Your Apple Pencil tip broke and you might not even exactly know how. There are multiple ways to do so. First, it is possible to break your pencil's tip by simply pushing it too hard on the screen. Not only do you increase the odds of your Pencil tip breaking. The iPad screen might suffer from the pressure and burst. Always watch out when using pressure on your Apple Pencil. 

Another way to break your pencil's tip is by accidentally dropping it on a hard surface, like a floor. The metal transducer within the pencil Tip might get distorted or damaged. In this case, you definitely need to replace your tip. 

Prevent your pencil's tip from breaking

Once you have experienced a broken pencil tip, you don’t want it to happen again. There are some simple ways to prevent your Apple Pencil tip from breaking again in the future. It all begins with using your possessions with care. When done using your Apple Pencil, store it safely and don’t leave it hanging around. Also, never try to press your tip too hard on your iPad screen. This is bad for both the Apple Pencil and the tablet. 

Lastly, keep track on the status of your current Apple Pencil tip. Over time, you might notice the quality of use is dropping. Replace your pencil tip once every few months. By doing so, you will be able to use the entire Apple Pencil a lot longer. If you want to use the same tip for longer, consider using our PenTips. It's a pencil nib that protects your pencil tip and your iPad screen, while giving you some other nice benefits such as increased control! 

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