Top Vector Apps For iPad In 2023

Top Vector Apps For iPad In 2023

The stylish visuals you see every day on the driveways, in magazines, brochures, or websites are all the work of beautiful graphics done with the help of software. Most designers create these visuals in vector apps. These digital images are created using mathematical statements and commands that help to put the shapes and lines in their place. If you are an iPad user, you can always use an iPad vector drawing app. 

The iPad vector app helps artists create fabulous art without losing authenticity or getting any loss in the quality of work. Vector Apps make your work more scalable and appealing to clients. The real struggle is finding the right drawing app for your iPad. So, we will discuss the best vector drawing app iPad.

Best Vector Apps

These vector art iPad apps create high-definition and crisp graphics that prove handy when designing banners, brochures, flyers, company logos, book cover designs, gaming features, and much more. Here are a few best vector apps recommended by artists for 2023.

  1. Inkpad

It can be downloaded for free. Its UI graphics and functionality are upscale and look like Adobe Illustrator Lite. It can add anchor points to anchors, draw vectors, consists of a dropper tool, add shapes and pictures, and much more. On the iPad's canvas, you can align lines with Inkpad tools, mask the objects, flip the objects, implement the layers, and much more. Inkpad's ease of operation and artists can export their files directly to Dropbox. It is a good vector drawing app.

  1. Adobe Illustrator

This is one of the best lite versions for iPad users. The iPad app vector drawing improves the creativity of artists. It does magic for Apple's iPad tablet device. It proves great for users who are using it on the computer. The best part of using this app is that you can send files to the desktop version of Illustrator. It works seamlessly with the iPad's pencil tool. You can download this app for free from the Apple Store, but there are a few in-app purchases you need to make. It can be combined well with a new iPad Pro M1 2021 and Apple Pencil version. However, it is not compatible with the versions below iOS 14. 

  1. Vectornator Pro

This iPad vector app is all about graphic designing and vector drawings. You can use and work from anywhere, creating seamless and eye-catchy designs. The best part of the Vectornator Pro app is that it can work easily with iPad Pro, especially its touch capabilities. This iPad app has been around for a while and competes well with the best desktop software apps. Artists can download it directly from the Apple Store. The UI designers are constantly updating and improving this app. It is a full-fledged professional vector app that seamlessly supports the drag-and-drop option, has CMYK color space, and offers custom font support with unlimited layer facilities. You can get this app for $7.99.


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  1. Affinity Designer

It is a paid iPad vector app for which the artists need to pay $19.99, and passionate programmers and artists develop the app. Affinity is the perfect app to create high-quality photos, artwork, designs, and more. It is an innovative, fast, reliable, and qualitative tool, a one-time paid application with many versatile features. It has a modern UI, endless menu varieties, simple to use, and many other innovative features. 

It is a little more complicated than other iPad vector apps, but it helps to draw professional designs. The app is optimized with Apple Pencil and the latest versions of iPad. You can customize the shapes, create freehand drawings, zoom the screen to 1,000,000%, and use over 100 in-built brushes. Pixel persona makes this app quite amiable as designers can create their ideas before shaping them in the vector.

Affinity Designer vs Vectornator

If you're looking for a powerful and user-friendly vector design tool, you may have come across the dilemma of choosing between Affinity Designer vs Vectornator. Both tools offer a comprehensive set of features that allow users to create stunning designs with ease, but they have some distinct differences as well. Affinity Designer is known for its robust set of vector editing tools that enable precise control over shapes, strokes, and colors. It also offers advanced typography options and seamless integration with other Affinity apps like Photo and Publisher. On the other hand, Vectornator shines in terms of its intuitive interface and mobile compatibility - it's available on both iOS and iPad devices! The app boasts an impressive collection of brush presets for drawing freehand vectors or creating textured illustrations. In addition to this, there are various useful geometric shape templates that are perfect for beginners who wish to explore logo creation or any kind of graphic design without having prior knowledge of software utility aspects.

Overall, both programs share many similarities but they differ slightly based on personal preference or individual needs regarding your creative projects ahead!


Well, these are some of the best vector apps artists can use in 2022 for designing and giving wings to their creativity in the latest iPad versions. A few apps are free to download, and you need to pay some fees for others. However, the tools offered in these Vector Drawing apps and their features will surely wow you. 

Let us provide you with a quick comparison of these iPad vector apps in the table below. You will get a quick glimpse of the app that is best for your way of designing.










Comparison Table for iPad Vector App of 2022

Basis of Difference



  Adobe Illustrator


 Vectornator App











Latest iPad versions

Latest iPad versions and Apple Pencil

iPad Pro 

Latest iPad versions and Apple Pencil










Layering, masking, image grouping, gradient fills, and text support.

Best for vector lines, vector effects, shape drawing, gradient fills, and editing graphics.

Suitable for getting desktop-class performance on iPad supports the availability of customized font sizes and renders unlimited layering options. 

You get live gradient effects, effects, adjustments, retina view, live pixel, iCloud integration, etc.

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