Textured Feeling PenMat iPad 10.5"
Textured Feeling PenMat iPad 10.5"
Textured Feeling PenMat iPad 10.5"
Textured Feeling PenMat iPad 10.5"
Textured Feeling PenMat iPad 10.5"

Textured Feeling PenMat iPad 10.5"

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We're proud to introduce our Textured Feeling PenMat.

You're a designer or a note-taker that loves the crystal clear iPad display, but you also love the textured, gritty feeling of a matte screen protector. Previously, you always had to choose between one or the other. With PenMat's integrated magnetic strips, there's no need to choose anymore. And you won't ever have bubbles again! A special thanks to our backers at Kickstarter for making PenMat real. 

  • Textured feeling – By adding matte particles to the PenMat, we have created a screen protector that makes drawing on the iPad similar to drawing on a real canvas. The texture causes more friction, which gives you more control when using your iPad’s® screen.
  • Reusable - Using the integrated magnetic connection, simply place PenMat on your iPad® when you want to enjoy the matte feeling, or store it in the included sleeve whenever you'd prefer a crystal clear display.
  • Use it outdoors - PenMat naturally diffuses, rather than reflects, a significant portion of sun rays. This allows you to make your next piece or write a note on bright, sunshiny days. You can see clearly now, the glare is gone...
  • Smudge resistant - The matte particles on PenMat are designed to find the right balance between clarity and reducing smudges and fingerprints. No need to constantly wipe down your digital canvas. Focus on what you're creating.
  • Magnetic application - We've integrated magnets that enable you to secure PenMat to your iPad's® screen without a fuss. The magnets are perfectly aligned to fit your screen size so that PenMat will always look like it belongs.

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