Realistic Oil Brushes By Julia Dreams


Step into the world of traditional artistry with Julia Dreams' Realistic Oil Brushes for Procreate, crafted to faithfully reproduce the rich textures and dynamic strokes of classic oil painting. These digital brushes offer a versatile solution for artists aiming to achieve the deep blending, intricate textures, and substantial depth characteristic of oil paints, all within a digital canvas.

Julia Dreams enhances your painting journey by enabling you to delve into the subtleties of traditional oil painting techniques in a modern digital format. These brushes are designed to provide an immersive and authentic painting experience, opening up a new realm of creative possibilities.

The Realistic Oil Brushes by Julia Dreams includes:

  • 23 Procreate brushes, tailored for creating oil paint-like effects, contained in a .brushset file;
  • 1 Magic Canvas, available in .procreate format, offered in two sizes: 6364 x 4500 px and 4243 x 3000 px, both at 300 dpi for high-resolution output;
  • 5 Color Palettes in a .swatches file to inspire and complement your artwork;
  • An instructive Video Tutorial to enhance your skills and techniques;
  • A comprehensive PDF Guide that provides additional insights and tips for using these brushes effectively.

Discover the transformative power of digital oil painting and explore new artistic horizons with Julia Dreams' Realistic Oil Brushes for Procreate.