When to Replace Your Apple Pencil Tip

When to Replace Your Apple Pencil Tip

Replacing the stock Apple Pencil Tip: When, and How? It has puzzled people since the Apple Pencil came out in 2015. Here are the answers. Search no more. 

The Visual Signals

In many cases, you can use your eyes to figure out if it is time for an Apple Pencil tip replacement. The Apple Pencil comes out of the box smooth, but after a while, you might see some wear on it. The surface will look a bit jagged, and in the worst cases, you might even see the metal underneath the otherwise smooth surface. 


In these cases, it is time to switch out your Apple Pencil tip for a new one. If not, you might damage your iPad’s display. 


The Sense Signals

Sometimes you might feel as if the Apple Pencil does not glide over the screen as smoothly as it once did. You might also notice the iPad doesn’t respond to your input as you would expect. These are signals that the Apple Pencil tip is worn out, and needs replacing. 


The Clock

Once every two years is a good rule of thumb. Replacing the Apple Pencil tip at this interval will be smart for most users. Perhaps if you use your pencil very much, you should consider doing it more often. Also, if you only use the Pencil to take the occasional screenshot, perhaps after two years the tip is still top. 


How To Replace the Apple Pencil Tip

Now that we know when, the “how” becomes the important question. Luckily this is a lot easier to answer. All you need to do is unscrew the old tip and screw on the new one. And remember, Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosey!


How To Take Care Of Your Apple Pencil Tip

You want to take care of your Apple Pencil Tips because they do not come very cheap. Also, Apple stopped providing a replacement tip in the box. Obviously, don’t drop it. It might have horrible consequences. Another way to prevent wear is using PenTips. This way, the Apple Pencil Tip is protected, and it will keep the tip in good condition for longer. 



Follow what your eyes or your senses tell you, and keep two years as a rough guideline. If you do that, you will be fine. Also, you can protect your Apple Pencil tip by putting a PenTip on top of it.  

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