Apple Pencil Tips for Drawing: What Tip Should You Get? + Quiz

Apple Pencil Tips for Drawing: What Tip Should You Get? + Quiz

The Apple Pencil has revolutionized digital art, offering precision, versatility, and a natural drawing experience on the iPad. However, the journey to perfecting your digital art doesn't stop at purchasing an Apple Pencil; the tip you choose plays a pivotal role in your creative process.

With options like PenTips Lite, PenTips Fiber, PenTips 2+, and PenTips INK as Apple Pencil replacement tips and covers, artists are faced with the delightful dilemma of selecting the best fit for their art style. Let's dive into what each of these tips offers and help you decide which one is your ideal companion for drawing.

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PenTips Lite

Ideal for: Artists seeking a closer feel to traditional paper.
Key Features: The PenTips Lite offers a slightly textured surface, enhancing friction and control while drawing. It mimics the feel of paper, providing artists with a familiar tactile feedback that many digital surfaces lack. This tip is perfect for artists transitioning from traditional to digital mediums and who wish to maintain the classic drawing sensation.



PenTips Fiber

Ideal for: Precision-focused artists and detailed work.
Key Features: Constructed from durable fiber material, the PenTips Fiber tip is designed for enhanced precision and durability. Its unique composition allows for a smooth yet controlled flow on the iPad’s surface, making it an excellent choice for artists who engage in intricate line work or detailed shading.



PenTips 2+

Ideal for: Artists looking for versatility and durability.
Key Features: Building on the success of its predecessors, the PenTips 2+ is one of our Apple Pencil replacement tips that offers a balanced experience between smoothness and resistance. This tip is engineered to be versatile, catering to a wide range of drawing styles from broad strokes to precise lines, making it a go-to for artists who dabble in various techniques.



PenTips INK

Ideal for: Artists who enjoy the boldness of ink on paper.
Key Features: The PenTips INK is another Apple Pencil replacement tips, designed to replicate the experience of using ink, providing a bold and fluid drawing experience. This tip is especially appealing to calligraphers and artists who prioritize bold line work and fluid strokes. Its design facilitates a seamless transition between thin and thick lines, offering control and variability in stroke width that mimics traditional ink pens.

Choosing Your Ideal Tip

Selecting the right tip for your Apple Pencil comes down to understanding your drawing preferences and the tactile experience you seek. Here are some considerations:

  • Feel & Experience: If you crave the sensation of drawing on paper, PenTips Lite and Fiber offer the textural feedback that can bridge the gap between digital and traditional.
  • Precision & Detail: For artists who focus on detailed artwork, the Fiber tip’s enhanced precision can be a game-changer.
  • Versatility & Adaptability: If your art style varies or you experiment with different techniques, PenTips 2+ provides a balanced option that accommodates a wide range of strokes.
  • Boldness & Fluidity: Artists who love the expressiveness of ink will find the PenTips INK an invaluable tool for replicating the dynamics of ink-based art.



Your choice in Apple Pencil tips can significantly influence your drawing experience. Whether you prefer the paper-like resistance of PenTips Lite, the precision of Fiber, the versatility of 2+, or the boldness of INK, there's a PenTips option tailored to your artistic needs. Experimenting with different Apple Pencil replacement tips and covers can unlock new possibilities in your digital art journey, allowing you to explore, refine, and perfect your unique style with every stroke.

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