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The perfect companion to your iPad® and Apple Pencil®. PenTips Lite are colored nibs that you slide on your Apple Pencil Tip. Now you work with increased control. PenTips Lite also reduce clacking noises and act as a protective layer.

  • 5 PenTips Lite with every set
  • Shipped from The Netherlands
  • Compatibility: 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil®
  • The silicon allows for more control -> You can be more precise when drawing or writing.
  • Your pencil doesn’t make loud noises -> You can take your iPad anywhere and don't have to worry about the awkward clicking sounds of your Apple Pencil ®.
  • Withstands pressure and damage -> Made of high-quality silicon that lasts up to 12 months.

Retail packaging shown. Your product will be delivered in the black carrying box. 

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On this page you will find PenTips' shipping information.

How long will my order take?

Each individual PenTip goes through quality control here in the Netherlands. We guarantee that your Pen Tips will leave the building within 2-3 working days. We ship to over 230 destinations around the world and we've made a nice overview to help out with figuring out how long it should take for your PenTips to arrive to you here.

In general:

  • European: Arrival in 1-7 working days after shipping confirmation
  • Intercontinental: 3-14 working days after shipping confirmation
  • Australia, New Zealand and Israel: Rare delays up to 68 days (December 2021)

We cannot ship to South Africa.

Possible delays due to Covid-19 restrictions (more information). Currently we cannot offer free international shipping to the following countries: Brazil, India, Phillippines, Kuwait, South Africa, Colombia, French Réunion, Lebanon, Brunei.

Where are you based?

We’re in Groningen, The Netherlands and this is where we ship our products from.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 854 reviews Write a review

What our customers think about Pen Tips


Pen Tips are prolonging the life of my Apple Pencil Tips which is awesome! I love that they provide more friction so my Pencil doesn’t slip when I’m doing nice smooth lines. They also protect the pencil and my screen from a toddler who loves drawing with me on my iPad!


United Kingdom


My notes have gotten much neater using Goodnotes and my Apple Pencil. It makes just enough of a difference that I feel like I have more control over my writing and now other people can actually decipher my notes instead of having to ask me what they say. I like that it's unobtrusive and looks like it belongs on the Pencil!


United States

No slipping

Get in control

No tapping

Work in silence

No sliding

Create with feeling

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Through our partnership with Tree-Nation, your order will contribute to reforestation projects in Tanzania and Madagascar.

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