How to Turn Off Symmetry in Procreate

How to Turn Off Symmetry in Procreate

Procreate is a favorite tool among digital artists for its intuitive design and powerful features, one of which is the Symmetry tool. This feature allows artists to create perfectly symmetrical designs with ease, which can be incredibly useful for specific projects.

However, there may be times when you want to explore asymmetrical designs or simply wish to turn off this feature to allow for more organic drawing. Here’s a quick guide on how to turn off symmetry in Procreate, along with some tips on how you can enhance your digital art setup with some must-have accessories from our webshop.

Turning Off Symmetry in Procreate

To turn off the Symmetry feature in Procreate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Your Canvas: Start by opening the canvas where you are currently using the Symmetry tool.

  2. Access the Actions Menu: Tap on the wrench icon to open the Actions menu, then select the 'Canvas' tab to find canvas settings.

  3. Navigate to Symmetry Settings: In the Canvas settings, you’ll find the 'Drawing Guide' option. Tap it, and you will see the Drawing Guide settings appear. Here, you can toggle the Drawing Guide on or off.

  4. Edit Drawing Guide: If the Drawing Guide is active, tap on 'Edit Drawing Guide', and then tap on 'Options' under Symmetry. Here, you can uncheck the Symmetry settings to turn it off.

  5. Turn Off Drawing Guide: Once you’ve adjusted your settings, simply return to your canvas and tap 'Done' at the top right of the Drawing Guide panel to apply the changes.

Enhancing Your Procreate Experience

While turning off symmetry in Procreate is straightforward, making the most of your digital art experience often means having the right tools at your disposal. At our webshop, we offer a range of accessories that can transform your digital artistry:

  • PenTips Apple Pencil Tips: Add a tip to your Apple Pencil to gain increased precision and comfort. These tips reduce slipping, making your drawing experience as close to real-life as it gets.

  • PenPad - Perfect Procreate Companion: The PenPad is designed for artists who demand precision and flexibility. With its responsive surface, it complements the Procreate app perfectly, making digital drawing feel more natural and intuitive.

  • Screen Protectors: To maintain the quality of your iPad and reduce glare while drawing, consider investing in a matte screen protector. Not only does it protect your device, but it also mimics the texture of paper, enhancing the Procreate drawing experience.

Explore these and other creative solutions in our webshop today, and take your Procreate projects to the next level. Whether you’re disabling symmetry for a unique project or gearing up with the best tools on the market, we’re here to support your creative journey every step of the way.

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With the right knowledge and tools, every Procreate session can be a doorway to new possibilities. Turn off symmetry when you need to, and don’t forget to equip yourself with the best in class accessories that help you unlock your full artistic potential.

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