Notability Recording Pencil Noise: How To Get Rid Of It

Notability Recording Pencil Noise: How To Get Rid Of It

This story is written by Sjoerd.


I will tell you a story of horror, sadness, and despair. I was taking notes during class on my iPad. I had my Apple Pencil and Notability ready. I was very excited to use Notability's sound recording feature. The lecture started. I took notes like there was no tomorrow. The experience was great. People were noticing how great I was at note-taking. Applause and praise came from every direction. But then… I came home. I couldn’t wait to hear the recording and see the notes again. I pressed play. I heard a lot of noise in Notability.


Clicking noises. They were clearly audible in the recording. Had the teacher made these clicking noises? Had I made them!? I was perplexed. And then it hit me. It was the Apple Pencil clicking that caused the noise in my Notability recording. The Apple Pencil made a tapping noise that the recording picked up. 


I was struck with sadness. What had been a beautiful day so far, now turned into the sudden realization that using Notability’s recording feature was not so easy. I went to sleep sad. 


This is how to reduce Apple Pencil noise

I pondered upon this problem for a while. How could I reduce the Apple Pencil's clicking noise? Could I write more carefully? It seemed impossible. Could I eliminate the tapping noise otherwise? I searched, and searched, and searched. Days went past, sleepless nights became the rule. And then it happened. 


I found the very website you are on right now. They sell little tips for your Apple Pencil. Aptly called, PenTips. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Would this be the solution to the Apple Pencil clicking noise!?


I ordered them. And lo and behold the clicking noise was gone. The Apple Pencil was silent. My happiness was restored! 


Did this story happen exactly this way? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if you want to reduce the clicking noise of your Apple Pencil, either when you record or not, PenTips work. 


So if you want to take notes, silent like a ninja, you know what to do.


- Sjoerd

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