(Press Release) From concept to canvas: PenPad is the shortcut to your greatest work of art

(Press Release) From concept to canvas: PenPad is the shortcut to your greatest work of art

 The team behind the globally successful PenTips has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a cutting-edge product that every Procreate® user should get their hands on. 

Groningen, November 29, 2021 - Creativity is only a fingertip away with the Kickstarter campaign launch of PenPad, the most intuitive shortcut panel for Procreate users. 

PenPad is a handheld device that provides 23 highly practical shortcuts for Procreate on the iPad, removing the disruptive back-and-forth when switching between functions, so users can create uninterrupted. 

Pen Tips Founder and CEO, Marc Tuinier, said the Kickstarter campaign would help fund the PenPad’s production with a world-wide distribution date of March 2022. 

“We are a Dutch company that thrives on innovation and digital creativity, and we’re incredibly excited to bring PenPad to life,” said Marc.

The product is all about enhancing the creative experience, whether you’re illustrating, animating, or storyboarding, PenPad enables seamless Procreate functionality without having to lift your pen from the screen.

“This is such an intuitively easy tool to use, and we’re looking to get the PenPad into the hands of digital artists around the world.”

PenPad is compatible with the iPad OS 14.4 or later, and boasts a five-day battery life from a full charge within 2 hours.

Available in black or white, the PenPad is made from durable materials with thermal printed icons to ensure longevity.

Tuinier said the portable device could be set up in seconds to quickly and effortlessly flow through the Procreate creative process.  

“PenPad is the product of countless learnings and feedback from hundreds of digital artists who’ve told us what they’re looking for to inspire better art,” said Marc.

“The Kickstarter campaign is a chance to engage with the creative community and offer a product that is incredibly stylish, affordable, and globally accessible.”

The team behind PenPad is offering a Cyber Monday deal for Kickstarter pledges, who will save 35 percent off the regular retail price of €84 (USD100).

To make a pledge, visit the PenPad Kickstarter campaign, or visit the PenTips website to discover more.  


About PenTips: PenTips is an entrepreneurial company specializing in creating products for the digital artist. Founded on its innovative PenTips product of the same name, the company has expanded its offering with an ergonomically designed Apple Pencil grip, and the PenTips Lycra glove. PenTips is committed to social responsibility with its eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, and a partnership with Tree-Nation to offset its carbon footprint with more than 50,000 new trees planted to date. PenTips, unlock your digital creativity.     

Media contact: Marc Tuinier | marc@pen.tips | Press Kit

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