[Press Release] Kickstart your digital masterpiece with the all-new PenMat and PenTips 2

[Press Release] Kickstart your digital masterpiece with the all-new PenMat and PenTips 2

Creators behind the revolutionary PenPad for Procreate continue to innovate with the Kickstarter launch of two new transformative iPad products. 

GRONINGEN, Netherlands, 31 May 2022 – PenTips will launch a Kickstarter campaign in the next two weeks for its next-generation tips for Apple Pencil and screen protection solutions, PenTips 2 and PenMat.

PenTips 2 is a premium screw-on tip for the first and second-generation Apple Pencil with a refined application that increases the subtle sense of friction while you work. 

The product’s flawless fit and thin design provide improved precision, while the unique silicone material balances longevity and responsiveness. 

PenTips Founder and CEO, Marc Tuinier, said PenTips 2 had a streamlined design to change the way iPad users illustrate and take notes.

“We tested more than 50 types of silicone to ensure we had the best Apple Pencil tip on the market, with a set that would last between 5 months to 2 years, and fit perfectly to the pencil for a quality experience,” said Marc.

“We know that digital art and note-taking goes anywhere, so we explored a safe transportable storage solution for PenTips 2 that also doubles as a stand for your stylus.

“Drawing from user feedback on our PenTips Lite, a colored nib that slides onto the Apple Pencil tip, we wanted to create an alternative tip solution with screw-on functionality that improved the user experience.

“PenTips 2 comes as a set of three in either black or white, and has a natural quality that digital creators will love.”

The company’s Kickstarter launch will also include the PenMat, a magnetically attachable matte screen protector.

Marc said PenTips worked closely with artists and suppliers to develop a removable screen with superior clarity and a gritty feel. 

“iPad users wanted more choice in screen protectors, something that wasn’t permanently fixed to the device and that gave them a true-to-life sensation of illustrating or writing on paper,” said Marc.  

“The PenMat is smudge resistant and naturally diffuses sunlight to significantly reduce the glare issues found with other sub-quality screen protectors.

“The magnetic application is perfectly aligned to all current iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad Minis, and can be instantly applied or removed with no bubbles under the screen, guaranteed.” 

PenTips has taken learnings from more than 50,000 digital artists over the past 18 months to build these two products that bring true feeling to the digital canvas. 

Discover more ways to create better art by visiting the PenTips website, or get notified when the PenTips 2 and PenMat Kickstarter campaign go live. 

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About PenTips: PenTips is an entrepreneurial company specializing in creative products for the digital artist. Founded on its innovative PenTips product of the same name, the company has expanded its offering with an ergonomically designed Apple Pencil grip, the PenTips Lycra glove, and the all new PenPad for Procreate. Join more than 50,000 creatives and sign up to the PenTips eNewsletter for product updates and interesting news in the digital art world. The company is built on a team of enthusiasts that live for creating. PenTips, unlock your digital creativity.     

Media contact: Marc Tuinier | marc@pen.tips

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