The Best Line Art Brushes for Procreate

The Best Line Art Brushes for Procreate

For digital artists, finding the perfect Procreate brushes is an ongoing quest. So, to simplify your exploration, we've curated a selection of the best line art brushes for Procreate. This blog will highlight some of the best line art brushes for Procreate and delve into the most important aspects of the art form to give you the best start to your line art journey! 


Exploring the Key Aspects of Line Art

Before embarking on your line art journey, understanding its key aspects is crucial. Line art thrives on simplicity, conveying complex ideas with minimal lines. Each line has a purpose, outlining forms, suggesting movement, or defining texture, contributing to the narrative and aesthetic. This art form is often used by artists to express different moods or atmospheres within the piece. Line art also often relies on precise details to convey intricate features and textures, requiring careful attention to accuracy in the placement and execution of lines.

With these aspects in consideration, the next step involves acquiring the appropriate tools to proficiently bring these key aspects of line art to life. The utilization of these tools not only facilitates the execution but significantly enhances the ease and finesse with which these aspects can be accomplished.


The Best Line Art Brushes for Procreate

As avid Procreate users, we've taken great care in selecting a curated assortment of Procreate brushes specifically tailored to offer precision and versatility and elevate your line art endeavours. This collection aims to be your go-to toolkit, providing the perfect synergy between your creativity and digital canvas.


1. Fine Liner Procreate Brushset by Artifex Forge

At the top of our list is the Fine Liner Brushset by Artifex Forge. This brush set is perfect for line art because it is designed to give you an authentic hand-drawn feel. These Fine Liner Procreate Brushes are an authentic and versatile toolkit, offering a wide range of pen marks, including straight and undulating outlines, dots, dashes, stippling, zigzags, and more. The set contains, 3 Standard Stipple Brushes, 1 Light Stipple Brush,1 Tapered Ink Outline Brush, 4 Cross Brushes, 3 Line Brushes and so much more!

fine liner procreate brushes toolkit by artifex forge


2. Inking brushes for Procreate

Inking brushes are perfect for enthusiasts of traditional ink pens, offering an authentic ink pen experience with its unique texture. It's tailored for artists seeking to capture the tactile sensation of pen strokes on paper within their digital artwork. Whether outlining intricate details, adding depth to shadows, or creating expressive linework, these inking brushes offer unmatched control and precision. With these free Inking brushes at your fingertips, you'll possess the tools necessary to elevate your digital creativity and embark on a captivating journey through the world of line art.

free line art procreate brushfree line art procreate brushfree line art procreate brush


3. Dry Ink, Textured brushes for Procreate 

Finally, Dry Ink, Textured brushesmimic the genuine texture of drawing with a dry ink pen on paper. They offer a natural, organic feel with subtle imperfections and varied thickness, ideal for sketching, outlining, and detailing. Replicating the tactile sensation of dry pen strokes, these brushes add depth and character to illustrations. Essential for artists striving for authenticity, Dry Ink, Textured brushes are indispensable tools for enhancing digital artwork. 

free line art procreate brush



From the Fine Liner Brushset by Artifex Forge, offering authentic hand-drawn marks, to the Inking brushes that emulate the tactile feel of traditional pens, and the Dry Ink, Textured brushes providing organic depth and character, each tool in this collection is meticulously chosen to enhance your digital creativity. So, whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning your journey into line art, having access to the right brushes can make all the difference. With our curated selection, you'll have the tools necessary to bring your line art visions to life. 

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