Why You Should Get Alternative Apple Pencil Tips

Why You Should Get Alternative Apple Pencil Tips

Apple's Pencils are excellent accessories for creative iPad users. 
You might not be aware of all the best methods for getting the most out of your Apple Pencil experience. To make the  most out of your Apple Pencil, we've compiled a list of the finest Apple Pencil hacks and tips. 


What features does the Apple Pencil have?

First things first, let's look at why an Apple Pencil is a great tool for digital artists and digital note takers.

With its wide feature set, the Apple Pencil may be utilized for any specific activity instead of a finger when moving around iOS.

Easier Pairing

The Apple Pencil does not require a lengthy Bluetooth setup. It immediately connects. Connect the older model or attach the newer model to the iPad Pro.

Palm Rejection

When you put in the Apple Pencil, the iPad recognizes just the tip of the Apple Pencil and not your hand or finger, allowing you to write or sketch comfortably.

Pressure Sensitivity

The amount of pressure applied while writing or sketching on the iPad may determine how thick or thin a line is. Apple does not define a specific degree of pressure sensitivity for the Apple Pencil.

Weighting Similar to a Pencil

Apple designed the Apple Pencil with a weight that makes it seem like a necessary writing instrument in the hand.


Because it is precise, the Apple Pencil is accurate to the pixel. This means there is no difference between the location of the pencil and what is displayed on the screen.


Why you should get alternative Apple Pencil tips

The Apple Pencil is Apple's first stylus designed specifically for use with the iPad. It has been designed to allow greater precision than your hands, to be responsive when drawing with either hand, and to work seamlessly in conjunction volume button gestures that allows you to switch tools or undo operations.

There are a few reasons why you should get alternative Apple Pencil tips by PenTips. First, the tips that come with the Apple Pencil are known to wear down quickly. Second, the tips that come with the Apple Pencil are not very durable and can break easily. Third, the tips that come with the Apple Pencil do not provide a very good grip, which can lead to your hand slipping while you are using the pencil. Fourth, the tips that come with the Apple Pencil are not very comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Alternative Apple Pencil tips such as our PenTips 2 are made from material that is much more durable than the material used for the tips that come with the Apple Pencil. The alternative tips also provide a much better grip than the standard tips. In addition, alternative Apple Pencil tips are usually much more comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

How quickly do these alternative tips wear off versus others?

As with anything, how long a tip lasts depends on how you use it. If you are constantly tapping the screen or writing for long periods of time, you will need to replace your tips more frequently than someone who only uses their Apple Pencil for occasional sketches or notes.

That being said, our covers (PenTips Lite) and replacement tips (PenTips 2) last up to 12 months while saving your iPad screen at the same time.



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