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1. The screen protector has a textured feeling

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your stylus slipping and sliding across the screen while drawing on your iPad®? Well, fear not! The PenMat screen protector has got you covered. By adding matte particles to the PenMat, we have created a screen protector that makes drawing on the iPad similar to drawing on a real canvas. The texture causes more friction, which gives you more control when using your iPad’s® screen.

2. It is reusable

One of its most innovative features is that it's reusable. The integrated magnetic connection makes this process simple and effortless - just place PenMat on your iPad® whenever you want that smooth, matte finish. And when you're ready to switch back to a crystal clear display, simply store PenMat in the included sleeve for safekeeping until next time. 

3. Use your Ipad outdoors without annoying glare

Do you love using your iPad outdoors but hate dealing with the annoying glare that makes it impossible to see? PenMat works by diffusing a significant portion of sun rays rather than reflecting them. This means no more squinting or tilting your screen at awkward angles just to be able to use it. Now you can comfortably write down notes or work on your next masterpiece even on those bright and sunny days!

4. No more wiping the screen constantly

The matte particles on PenMat are specifically designed to find the perfect balance between clarity and reducing those pesky smudges and fingerprints. So now, you don't have to worry about constantly wiping down your screen while trying to focus on what you're creating. With PenMat, you can simply let your creativity flow without any interruptions or distractions. 

5. It has a magnetic application

We've integrated magnets that enable you to secure PenMat to your iPad's® screen without a fuss. The best part is that the magnets are perfectly aligned with your iPad's size, ensuring that PenMat always looks like it belongs on your screen. Whether you're drawing or taking notes, this innovative feature allows for seamless integration and an enhanced user experience.

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