PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber
PenTips Fiber

PenTips Fiber

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Get ready digital artists, designers and note-takers! We are excited to introduce our newest product, PenTips Fiber. This version offers all the benefits and features that you appreciate from PenTips Lite and PenTips 2. Like them, PenTips Fiber provides increased control when working with your Apple Pencil while reducing tapping noise and acting as a protective layer.

However, what sets PenTips Fiber apart is its unique qualities - it is smaller, thinner, more durable, and fits more snugly onto your Apple pencil tip than our beloved PenTips lite. The material used in manufacturing these tips makes them highly sturdy yet flexible enough for precision work on the iPad.

  • Slip-on tip for 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil® 
  • 5 PenTips Fiber with every set
  • Made of high-quality durable fiber material - PenTips Fiber is made of high-quality fiber that is less likely to tear down, making these a lot more durable so you don't have to replace them as often :)
  • Offers superior control - You can be more precise when drawing or writing.
  • Reduces tapping sounds - You can take your iPad anywhere and don’t have to worry about the awkward clicking sounds of your Apple Pencil®
  • Thin design ensures an optimal fit - You don't have to worry as much about it falling off, PenTips Fiber is snugly wrapped around your Apple Pencil tip.

In terms of feel, Pentips Fiber is in between Pentips 2 soft and hard versions. That means it's softer than hard but also harder than soft - perfect for those who can't decide which one they prefer!

PenTips Lite

PenTips Fiber

PenTips 2 Soft

PenTips 2 Hard







Drag against the screen



Tap Sound



Use case Painting and drawing

All purpose



Say goodbye to frequent replacement intervals with this new addition since they last longer than our original PenTips Lite design! With improved functionality and new design elements, you can explore endless possibilities in creative expression without worrying about wearing or tearing off quickly due to heavy usage. See why we believe that this innovation surely deserves an upgrade in every artist's setup!

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