6 Tips For Creating Better Art Instantly
Copy 'Don’t compare yourself to others'. Does this sound familiar? Almost everyone has heard this from their parents, myself included. But remember when you brought back bad grades and the first thing they asked was: “How did *your friend* do?” Like, mum, I...
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10 Reasons Why You Should Get An iPad To Create Art
Procreate And Digital Drawing Apps Nowadays, drawing, modelling, animation and all those kind of creative activities can be pursued through digital drawing applications. If you come from a traditional drawing background, you will be surprised by all the amazing drawing apps available for the iPad!...
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The 6 Best Note-Taking Apps For Your iPad
In this blog, we are going to look at the best note-taking apps for iPad users. If you came here on a quest, you might be a student looking for the best note-taking app to use. Or maybe you're someone who is desperately looking to organize your notes! Either way, you will most likely find what you are looking for in this post.
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