PenTips Ink'n Paper: a pencil-on-paper feel

The ultimate bundle designed to provide the authentic sensation of pencil-on-paper in your digital creations.

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See PenTips Ink'n Paper in action! 

Watch how this exceptional bundle transforms your digital art experience, offering the sensation of real pencil and paper on your tablet.

Experience the Difference

PenTips Ink'n Paper: Where Tradition Meets Digital Art

Experience the enchantment of the magical synergy

Realistic Sensation: Revel in the satisfying resistance and gentle sound of pencil-on-paper while creating on your tablet.

Precision Control: Achieve unmatched control and precision in your artwork, from intricate details to bold strokes.

4.5/5 | 2,272 Reviews

PenTips Ink'n Paper

Unleash the artist in you with PenTips Ink'n Paper, the ultimate bundle designed to bridge the gap between the digital and the traditional. It's where the future of art meets the timeless feel of pencil and paper.



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Precision Control

Realistic Sensation

Includes PenMat and PenTips Ink

Getting Started with PenTips Ink'n Paper

Unscrew your Apple Pencil tip and screw on your PenTips Ink

Unscrewing your Apple Pencil tip is easy: grab your Apple Pencil tip with two fingers and twist it to the right until it screws off. Next, put on the PenTips Ink by twisting it in the opposite direction. Make sure there is no gap between the tip and pencil.

Apply PenMat to your iPad if you haven’t already

To do so, simply place the PenMat on your iPad and let the magnets do the rest!

Create with Confidence!

Dive into your digital canvas and start creating with the sensation of pencil-on-paper.

4.5 Stars from over 2,000 Customers

  • "I bought the PenMat and it has improved the way I use my iPad for drawing, university, and studying. The removable magnetic system is amazing. Worth the cost for sure."

  • "PenTips Ink'n Paper is a game-changer! It brings back the nostalgic feel of traditional media while retaining the benefits of digital art. Highly recommended!"

  • "I was skeptical at first, but PenTips Ink'n Paper completely won me over. It's like drawing with an actual pencil!"

  • "As a professional illustrator, PenTips Ink'n Paper has become an indispensable part of my toolkit. It's a must-have for any digital artist."