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De Pen Tips Handschoen is gemaakt voor elke tablet waar je op kunt schrjven of tekenen Onze handschoen is gemaakt van Lycra, een elastisch materiaal dat comfort en felxibiliteit biedt, en zich aanpast aan de vorm van je hand. Ze houden zweet van je tablet en zorgen voor een soepele beweging van je hand over het scherm

  • Vanaf Juli verzonden vanuit Nederland
  • Gratis verzending internationaal
  • Werkt met: iPad, Wacom, Samsung, Microsoft en meer
  • Gemaakt voor felxibiliteit en comfort
  • Geen vertaling


Do your tips inhibit or slow down the movement of the pencil? I'm trying to decide, if a tip like yours or a different protector like Paperlike is a better choice for me?

We understand where you’re coming from, and if you’re looking for friction you could use Paperlike and Pen Tips together, but also as substitutes. With a Pen Tip, you get grip but not a Paperlike feel. It could also be that you're looking for an alternative way to protector your screen from scratches, then both are a good option.

In your ads, what do you mean with decreasing wear, improving control and helping with writing quietly?

We decrease wear on the Apple Pencil Tip, since we add an extra layer to it. You improve control since you’ll have more grip. And writing quietly because the silicon gets rid of the clacking noises when you’re writing with your Apple Pencil.

Do Pen Tips leave color stripes on the screen? (Like some cheap erasers on paper for example.)

No, they do not leave any stripes on your glass screen.

How come that there’s no loss of accuracy and precision even with this more rounded tip?

There’s no loss of accuracy and precision, because the technology inside the Apple Pencil Tip is what gives you this accuracy and precision. Our tips, that you just slide over, add an extra layer for more grip which makes a huge difference in your experience.

How are Pen Tips in conjunction with a PaperLike screen protector?

We actually got this review from @penchantcalligraphy "So, using the Pen Tip on the Paperlike protector on my old iPad Pro was actually my best experience with the covers, strangely enough! So buttery smooth, and my lettering experience improved greatly." And we've heard from many customers using the Paperlike in conjunction with Pen Tips that the analogue feeling is actually enhanced. 

Do Pen Tips put any damage or wear on the tablet screen surface?

On the contrary, they decrease the wear of your Apple Pencil Tip and do not wear on the tablet screen surface.

What’s the difference between Pen Tips and other tips I can buy?

What you'll find that make Pen Tips stand out, is the emphasis we've placed on using a more durable silicon material while adding a soft matte coating for a delicate feeling of grip.

Why do we need to purchase five tips? Do they wear out quickly?

We've noticed that our Pen Tips take some getting used to, from losing it to wearing through it. We expect about 5-12 months of life from a set, depending on your technique. 

Does the color of a Pen Tip matter for function?

There’s no difference in function per different color of Pen Tip. 

Do Pen Tips work with any screen protector?

Yes, Pen Tips works with any screen protector (e.g Paperlike).

How long will my order take?

Each individual Pen Tip goes through quality control here in the Netherlands. We guarantee that your Pen Tips will leave the building within 48 hours. We ship to over 230 destinations around the world and we've made a nice overview to help out with figuring out how long it should take for your Pen Tips to arrive to you here.

In general:

  • European: Arrival in 1-7 working days after shipping confirmation
  • Intercontinental: 3-14 working days after shipping confirmation

Where are you based?

We’re in Groningen, The Netherlands and this is where we ship our Pen Tips from.

Please measure the length of your hand from the heel to the top of ring finger. You can measure the width across the palm. For reference, a 1st generation Apple Pencil is 17.5cm and a 2nd generation Apple Pencil is 16.6cm. 

  • Small: 7 x 18.5 cm
  • Medium: 8 x 20.5 cm
  • Large: 9 x 21.5 cm

Works for individuals that use their left hand as well.

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