PenTips Fiber and 3D Lettering Toolkit for Ultimate Creativity

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Introducing the dynamic collaboration between Pentips Fiber, the iconic silicon-mesh-based tip designed for optimal control and handling, and the Procreate 3D Letters Toolkit by Aurelie Maron. This exciting bundle is a marriage between the adaptability and control of the fiber and the different textures and line weight of the tool kit. With the fiber, working with the 3D Tool kit is seamless. Pick up the PenTips 3D Fiber bundle and see for yourself!

Artists and Notetakers alike will appreciate the PenTips Fiber’s slip-on design, balanced feel, and control it adds to any project they set their minds to. Say you’ve been writing notes with your apple pencil for collage and after you want to make a quick sketch after class. You can just add the Fiber onto the apple pencil tip and get the tactile feedback from the paper that you expect from your art materials from home. Fiber is a staple of the Pen.Tips line-up, an option for any purpose, on the go.

Aurelie Maron's 3D Letters Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit for crafting detailed 3D lettering. The set comprises 10 essential brushes, encompassing 2 monoline brushes, 2 shading brushes, 2 highlight brushes, 2 pattern brushes, and 2 texture brushes. With this diverse array of brushes at your disposal, you have everything required to fashion stunning textured effects, highlights, or whatever you envision!

What's included:

  • Set of 5 PenTips Fiber 
  • 1 Brush Set (1 .brushset file for the set containing 10 brushes).
  • 6 Textures (1 .procreate and .jpg file for each texture).
  • 4 Color Palettes (1 .procreate file for each color palette).
  • 3 Alphabets for reference (1 .procreate and .jpg file for each alphabet).
  • PDF (with all the instructions to install the brushes to your iPad).
PenTips Fiber (5 tips) (Color): Black