Cyber Weeks Sale - What to expect from PenTips?

Cyber Weeks Sale - What to expect from PenTips?

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? While these sales typically take place in store and within a rushed time frame, we offer an ongoing online sale. COVID proof and stress proof! We like the call it 'Cyber Weeks'.

When will PenTips have their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale?

Instead of having two small sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we'll have one long ongoing online sale: Cyber Weeks. The sale starts at November 21st and ends December 4th 2021. During this period, all our products are 20% off! This means the classic PenTips, custom PenTips, Grip, Glove, Gift Card, and Artist Bundle will all be 20% off during the Cyber Weeks. 



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P.S., recently, we've written on what we think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This article explains why we're doing things a bit differently than other companies. 

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