PenTips Product Showcase: A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Apple Pencil Tip!

PenTips Product Showcase: A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Apple Pencil Tip!

Do you want to know the specific differences between our PenTips products? 

In this blog, we will discuss the qualities and differences between our PenTips range. From our very first product, the PenTips Lite to our most recent addition, PenTips Ink, every product has its own unique qualities that our customers love. 

The Pen Tip that Started it All: PenTips Lite 

The PenTips Lite has a simplistic appearance, with a smooth round tip, this product is perfect for anyone who is starting out as a new Apple Pencil user. Uniquely, the PenTips Lite is available in a variety of neutral and vibrant colours like black, white, red, blue, green, purple, pink and more! So, it is perfect for any aesthetic that you are looking for. 

PenTips Lite provides a controlled feeling so that you can be more precise when drawing and writing, resulting in beautiful clean lines and fine details. With the precision and control that the Lite offers, there's no limit to what you can achieve. The PenTips Lite was carefully designed to have little to no tapping sound on the screen, allowing you to create without any distractions. Plus, its application process is simple as these tips slide effortlessly onto your Apple pencil.  

The PenTips Lite is made from high-quality silicon that lasts up to 12 months, depending on usage. The PenTips Lite is offered in a pack of 5 tips for a very low price. This way, you will have a sufficient supply that lasts you a very long time, allowing you to experience enhanced control, feeling and silence while creating. 


Where Quality Meets Precision: PenTips Fiber

The PenTips Fiber has a thinner smaller appearance than the Lite. Unlike our other products, the Fiber has the PenTips logo engraved, making it easily distinguishable from the Lite. The PenTips Fiber acts as a protective layer and provides increased control when working with the Apple Pencil. Because of this characteristic, you can expect to experience ease when producing long and stable brush strokes. It serves as an all-purpose pen tip that works well with fine lines, notetaking and details and allows for a smooth experience as it has very little drag against the screen. 

PenTips Fiber is made from a high-quality durable fiber which makes it less likely to get worn down or damaged. The Fiber material also prevents it from making a loud tapping sound on the screen, this way you can create without the clicking or tapping sound. Another great thing about the Fiber is that it is available in a pack of 5 for a very affordable price. Who doesn't love a great deal?


The Next Level of Apple Pencil Tip Technology: PenTips 2 + 

The PenTips 2+ has a sleek, and modern appearance. This tip has a more streamlined appearance compared to the Lite and Fiber. PenTips 2+ takes your digital artistry and note-taking to a whole new level because of its focus on texture and sensation. It enhances your creative expression by providing a textured surface that interacts with your digital canvas in a profound way. It allows for an effortless installation process by simply screwing on the tip to your Apple Pencil. PenTips 2+ was the first tip in our range to have a screw-on tip and it has been a great success. You never have to worry again about your pen tip accidentally falling off because of this new screw-on feature.

The tip is crafted from PVC which is a very durable material. This ensures the longevity and durability of the product. Because of its hard material, you can expect some tapping and clicking (more than the Lite and Fiber) when using this pen tip on a screen.

The PenTips 2+ is sold in a pack of 3 which can pretty much be considered a lifetime supply because of its longevity. So if you are looking for a pen tip that is going to last years and provide the feeling of luxury, this is the option for you!


Bridging the Gap Between the Digital and the Traditional: PenTips Ink

The PenTips Ink encompasses the definition of realism because of its unique visual characteristic, the aluminium tip. This characteristic gives it the illusion of a real pen and enhances your digital creativity by bridging the gap between the digital and the traditional. 

The PenTips Ink is ideal for both digital artists and digital note-takers, its unique design offers the satisfying resistance and gentle sound of pencil on paper, transforming your tablet into an artist's canvas. Similar to the PenTips 2+, the PenTips Ink has a screw-on application process. It is also crafted from PVC and aluminium, giving it an extremely durable body. Thanks to its design, you can enjoy many moments of enhanced digital creativity without the worry of needing a replacement. 

To create the ultimate bundle, the PenTips Ink is best paired with the PenMat, together referred to as PenTips Ink'n Paper. Together, this bundle lets you rediscover the joy of traditional media in a digital world.



Whether you're looking for durability, control, enhanced digital creativity, texture or sensation, we have it all! We focus on providing you with the best experience possible when it comes to your creative digital expression. PenTips was, after all, made by artists, for artists. So, which one will you choose? 

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