Mosaic Maker Toolkit by Artifex Forge

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Unleash your creativity with the Vintage Procreate Mosaic Art Toolkit. Designed exclusively for Procreate, this toolkit allows you to create stunning mosaic designs digitally. Inspired by ancient Roman mosaics, this set of authentic mosaic tile brushes and patterns brings a sense of antiquity to your artwork. Whether you're adding a vintage touch or a unique twist to contemporary designs, this toolkit is your gateway to mosaic art in Procreate.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive compatibility with Procreate, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Authentic mosaic tile brushes and patterns, capturing the irregular, chipped edges of ancient Roman mosaics.
  • Perfect for creating designs with a vintage look or adding a unique twist to modern artwork.
  • Thorough instruction manual with step-by-step guidance for brush and pattern usage.

What's Included:

A Thorough Instruction Manual:

  • Comprehensive guide on loading, applying, and using the brushes and patterns, including a step-by-step methodology for creating mosaics.
  • Helpful screen-shots to guide you through the process.

Mosaic Tile Brushes:

  • A variety of mosaic tile Procreate pattern brushes, all sourced from genuine 1600+ year old material.
  • Pressure-sensitive Procreate brushes for enhanced functionality with an Apple Pencil.

Mosaic Pattern Brushes:

  • A variety of mosaic tile Procreate patterns, saved as grain in Procreate pattern brushes.
  • Seamless, repeat patterns ideal for backgrounds and quick tile area filling.

Layered Mosaic Pattern Brushes:

  • Multiple pattern brushes for each design, allowing quick area flooding with different colors.
  • Great for creating borders and other artistic elements.

Texture Overlay Brushes:

  • 2 Stone textures and 2 grunge overlay texture brushes for adding age and authenticity to your designs.
  • Seamless textures for filling any sized area.

Mosaic Adjustment Brushes:

  • Designed for creating and editing unusually shaped tiles, drawing lines with small curves and odd angles.

Quick Reference Guide:

  • Handy reference tool for finding the right brush or pattern for your project.

Please note that this product is exclusively compatible with Procreate.

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