PenTips Sample Set

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The ultimate trial kit for digital artists on iPad seeking the perfect tip to elevate their creative experience! Unleash your artistic potential and explore the full spectrum of creative possibilities with PenTips' different tips: PenTips Lite, PenTips Fiber, and PenTips 2+.

Discover the Difference:

Each tip in this carefully curated set offers distinct advantages to suit your unique artistic style and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your digital art journey, this sample pack empowers you to try out the options and select the one that resonates with your creativity.

1. PenTips Lite:

For those who prefer a smooth, gliding sensation, PenTips Lite is the ideal choice. Crafted from premium materials, it delivers a seamless experience, offering precision and control to artists who desire a gentle touch. Whether you're sketching, illustrating, or lettering, PenTips Lite allows your creativity to flow effortlessly across the canvas.

2. PenTips Fiber:

Take your digital art to new heights with PenTips Fiber. Designed for enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness, this tip provides an almost analog-like feel, making it a fantastic choice for artists who value a tactile experience. It's perfect for adding intricate details and achieving precise strokes with natural ease.

3. PenTips 2+:

The PenTips 2+ boasts versatility like no other. With its unique design, it provides the best of both worlds - the smoothness of Lite and the responsiveness of Fiber. Experience the perfect balance between fluid strokes and tactile control, granting you the flexibility to switch effortlessly between different art styles and techniques.

Don't let your artistic vision be confined by limitations. Embrace the freedom to experiment and find your perfect match with the PenTips Sample Set for Apple Pencil. Unveil a whole new level of creativity and unlock the true potential of your digital art on the iPad. Elevate your artistry - try PenTips today!