Retro Cartoon Mascot Toolkit by Brian Ritter Design

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Elevate your cartoon character and mascot creations with the Cartoon Characters & Mascots Toolkit by Brian Ritter. This collection of time-saving stamp brushes and Procreate ink brushes empowers artists to draw retro-style characters with ease.

What's Included:

  • Procreate Stamp Brushes: Unleash your creativity with 250 Procreate stamp brushes in one versatile brush set.
  • Ink Brushes (Procreate Only): Perfect your retro-style artwork with five Procreate ink brushes designed for vintage cartoon character designs.
  • Stamp Brush Sets: Seamlessly integrate these brushes with popular design software, including Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo, using dedicated stamp brush sets.
  • Asset File Group and Vector Files for Affinity Designer: Organize your design process efficiently with asset file groups and vector files tailored for Affinity Designer.
  • Symbols Library Files and Vector Files for Illustrator CC and CS4: Extend your creative capabilities with symbols library files and vector files suitable for Adobe Illustrator.
  • PNG Files with Transparent Backgrounds: Incorporate 250 PNG files with transparent backgrounds into your projects for digital and print applications.

The Cartoon Characters & Mascots Toolkit is your gateway to creating rubber hose or inkblot-style cartoon characters, sports mascots, and product mascots with precision and style.

Elevate your cartoon character and mascot designs with confidence using the Cartoon Characters & Mascots Toolkit by Brian Ritter.