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PenTips Fiber (5 tips)

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Get that Smooth Feeling.

  • Smoother strokes for digital art.
  • Long lasting and secure on your Apple Pencil.
  • Reduces clacking sound on iPad screen.
Color: Black
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5 PenTips Fiber with every set

Shipped from The Netherlands

Compatibility: every generation Apple Pencil®

Made of high-quality durable fiber material - PenTips Fiber is made of high-quality fiber that is less likely to tear down, making these very durable.

Thin design ensures an optimal fit - You don't have to worry as much about it falling off, PenTips Fiber is snugly wrapped around your Apple Pencil tip.

Are you ready to improve your digital art?

Why settle for mediocrity when excellence is at your fingertips? 

Don't hold back – elevate your creative game today with PenTips Lite and watch your digital art come alive like never before.

Say farewell to those unexpected jumps and interruptions in your work – PenTips Fiber allows for long and stable pen strokes, making your creative process smoother than ever.

Enjoy a more silent experience. PenTips Fiber reduces the clacking sound of your Apple Pencil on the iPad screen.

PenTips Fiber acts as a protective shield for your precious Apple Pencil tip. You can create with confidence, knowing that your Apple Pencil is safe and sound.

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Leah Nelson

These Apple pen tips are awesome. I’m still trying to get used to them, but using them in calligraphy in Procreate just improved my writing!

Mike Espezel

Great after sales service with positive results. The tips are brilliant and make the Apple Pencil useful for controlled drawing and writing.

Audrey Straight

I love my PenTips. I go back and forth between sketching on my iPad and on paper and with a PenTip on my Apple Pencil I have only a minimal adjustment, it feels so much like drawing on paper.


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