Basic Pencil Brushes by PixelBuddha

Sale price¥2,700

The enjoyable workflow has just become even more convenient thanks to the well-crafted tools you can charge your Apple pencil with — 25 Procreate brushes, featuring various sorts of graphite styles. Give a test to soft, hard, hatching & elegant strokes, behaving as the real-life pencils, responding to the pressure sensitivity level. But what illustration can be done without the canvas? Put one of 8 paper textures to the basis of your picture and let it grow into something extraordinary! Hand-drawn pencil portraits, quick schemes and sketches, auxiliary outlines and graphite decorative strokes — take any project with your artistic guns blazing.

What's inside?

  • 25 Procreate brushes;
  • soft, hard, hatching & elegant styles;
  • 8 paper textures;
  • help file.