Drawing Glove

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The PenTips Drawing Glove is designed to be used on any tablet that you draw or write on. Our Drawing Gloves are made of Lycra® which is an elastic material that provides comfort and flexibility so that it fits your hand perfectly. They're engineered to keep sweat off of your tablet and help you draw smoothly. 

  • Shipped from the Netherlands
  • Padded inside. For better fitting and comfort. The cushiony texture of the glove is designed to protect your hand.
  • Sweat-free. The lightweight fabric lets you create for hours without smudges. You don't have to clean sweat patches of your iPad.
  • Protection to prevent pains and cramps. You can be more efficient with your time while working since you don't have to take breaks or stop if your hands start to hurt.


Retail packaging shown. Your product will be delivered in the black suede carrying pouch. 


For reference, a 1st generation Apple Pencil is 17.5cm and a 2nd generation Apple Pencil is 16.6cm. 

 Size Length (cm) Pinky (cm) Wrist (cm)
Small 18.5 4.5±0.5 7
Medium 20±0.5 5±0.5 8
Large 21±0.5 5.5±0.5 9


    Size: S
    Hand: Right