Essentials for Calligraphy Toolkit by Ipad Calligraphy

Sale price¥3,300

Create stunning calligraphy, watercolor masterpieces, and print-ready art directly on your iPad in Procreate with the Essential Brushes & Tools pack.

What's Included:

  • 25 Lettering and Artistic Brushes: Explore the world of calligraphy, watercolor, and print-ready art with 25 essential brushes covering popular styles like traditional and modern dip pens, brush pens, watercolor brushes, monoline brushes, and pencils. This handpicked arsenal is fine-tuned for a seamless experience.
  • 9 Guideline Brushes: Achieve impeccable consistency in your lettering with nine guideline brushes, each designed at various angles and proportions to suit a multitude of styles.
  • Traceable Worksheets: Dive into lettering with a modern alphabet and a flourished quote worksheet, providing a creative foundation for your projects.
  • Procreate Templates with Ruler Guides: Missing the rulers? No problem! The pack includes over 100 Procreate templates with pixel-perfect inch and centimeter ruler guides on all four sides of the canvas. These templates make measuring, drawing straight lines, and ensuring precise alignment a breeze, all within the app.
  • Print-Ready Files: Access high-resolution, print-ready files available in 15 popular printing sizes. With both RGB and CMYK color profiles and options for bleed areas, crop lines, and safe zones, you can seamlessly transition from digital to print without leaving Procreate.
  • Color Palettes and Special Bonus Backgrounds: Explore three color palettes featuring 90 swatches and enjoy special bonus backgrounds to enhance your creative projects.
  • Full Installation Instructions and Tips & Tricks Cheat Sheet: Get started quickly with comprehensive installation instructions and a handy tips and tricks cheat sheet.
  • Commercial License Included: Your purchase comes with a commercial license, giving you the flexibility to use these tools for your professional projects.

Please note that these brushes and tools are compatible with the Procreate App and require an Apple Pencil or pressure-sensitive stylus.

Upon purchase, you'll receive the full download links and installation instructions in one convenient guide.