Grim Shader Brushes by Brushapes

Sale price¥2,600

Grim Shader Brushes enable an artist to smoothly add a texture to an object, whether they want it subtle or intense.

It includes 10 brushes applicable in various techniques, from flat art to complex 3D illustrations, as nothing will beat them in terms of adding volume or setting the forefront, medium plan, and background inside the image.

Shader brushes appear to be one of the primary tools in digital art. They are like a graphite pencil or charcoal in the arms of an artist, allowing them ultimate freedom and precision.

Knowing that we've aimed to create a perfect collection of grainy brushes able to satisfy the needs of digital artists using different software: Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and Clip Studio Paint. Another primary objective was to supply professionals with a variety of shaders that would cover multiple tasks, from basic texturing and shading to mimicking pastel effects and creating gradients.

The collection of Grim Shader Brushes was elaborated by a talented digital artist and designer, Olga Lysenkova. A fervent lover of traditional techniques herself, she did her best to bring authentic textures to the canvas and introduce a set that would shine bright like a diamond in the toolbox of professional creators.

Each of the brushes in this set is no coincidence. Olga did her best to select the most universal grain sizes that would work best for shading and cover most creative purposes. As a result, these brushes perform like a series, where all elements complement each other and might perfectly co-exist inside an illustration.

“I love these shaders for their intuitive use and their versatility. They’re good for any creative task, so I think they are a must-have for any modern artist.”


The grim style of the presentation was not chosen by chance. This way Olga sought to show how the brushes convey and create volume and a lighting effect in the illustration. This effect is due to the combination of subtle to dense grain textures, as well as the ability of the brushes to complement each other and create the finest gradients and transitions.