Hatch Master Brushes by Brushapes

Sale price¥2,600

Meet Hatch Master — a powerful brushes set for Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity, Clip Studio Paint and Procreate that allows the most expressive artworks without resorting to multiple creative supplies.

We made it our mission to introduce a tool for quick sketches and detailed illustrations with distinct textures and shading. And here it goes: these brushes balance classic drawing techniques and modern Asian graphics in order to celebrate and emphasize the aesthetics of rough strokes.

Hatch Master Brushes are hardly about delicate softness. Instead, this set is somehow rough, based on clear lines that will add some rigidity to the drawings. It includes 10 brushes showing a variety of hatching with different stroke densities. Each brush displays a unique hatching pattern, so you can combine a few, and they will look harmonious. Using a single brush for a complete illustration is also a solution (quite a brilliant one!).

The collection was elaborated by Olga Lysenkova, who peaked her teeth in shading and hatching, making them her artistic calling card.

I was inspired by illustrations reflecting Chinese culture, and creating a proper presentation for Hatch Master was quite a quest! I craved bringing together some distinct Chinese vibes and modern graphic tendencies. The solution was found in mixing and overlaying several brushes inside one drawing and experimenting with a color palette made to soften the rigid strokes visually.

Somewhere, Olga used hatching as a light texture. Other illustrations are presented very vividly: using the brushes, she added shading and volume to the elements. Some highlight the scratch-like texture of the brushes. And by creating a black-and-white illustration and styling it with Hatch Master brushes, she achieved the effect of an authentic pencil drawing without a single pencil brush.