Nature brushset By Art and Design

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Elevate your digital art with the Iceland Procreate brushes, designed to harness the power of Procreate's dual-texture engine. These brushes offer unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to add natural textures inspired by the beauty of Icelandic nature to your artwork.

Use Procreate's state-of-the-art brush engine to dynamically change brush textures with your pencil pressure. This feature enables you to infuse your designs with the genuine essence of Iceland. Let the Icelandic nature shine through in your artwork.

Key Features:

  • Pressure-sensitive Brushes: Each brush responds to your Apple Pencil's pressure, creating diverse effects. Your artwork will look natural, with no repeating patterns.
  • 12 Professional Brushes: These brushes feature a dual texture that changes with light or firm pressure, offering versatility in your designs.

Discover the Icelandic textures:

  • Berg: Inspired by ancient volcanic rocks from Iceland's oldest mountains. Ideal for background or foreground designs.
  • Mountain Rocks: Create naturally placed rock textures for grunge-style backgrounds and natural landscapes.
  • Mountain Moss: Incorporate layers of greenery based on Iceland moss, perfect for an authentic style.
  • Rocky: Add authenticity with the texture of Iceland's mountain bases, giving a grunge look to your designs.
  • Lava Rocks: Inspired by Iceland's volcanic lava flows. Great for fiery designs and various artwork styles.
  • River: Bring the flow of Iceland's natural rivers into your designs for watery landscapes and more.
  • Maybe Marble: Versatile background texture from natural Iceland marble, suitable for various designs.
  • Rocky River: Combine rocks and rivers in one brush, creating a natural grunge feel.
  • Winter Glass: Capture Iceland's cracking glaciers with this brush, ideal for backgrounds with a natural glass feel.

Light and Dark Backgrounds:

The pack includes two brush sets labeled for light and dark backgrounds. The light brushes are optimized for bright backgrounds, while the dark brushes work seamlessly with dark backgrounds, offering flexibility for your projects.