Inking Procreate Brushes by Lucas Peinador

Sale price¥3,300

Say hello to your new creative BFF – LP Inking Brushes for Procreate, a comprehensive set of 50+ meticulously crafted tools designed to elevate your creative journey.

Key Features:

  • Analog Vibes, Digital Ease: LP Inking Brushes give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of traditional art, but with the convenience of digital. Say goodbye to ink stains on your fingers!
  • All-in-One Goodies: Our set covers all the bases – Pen Nibs, Brush Pens, Flat Brushes, Washes, Textures, and Ink Smudgers. It's like having an art supply store on your screen.
  • Texture Galore: Crafted with love, our brushes are hand-painted on real paper and ink, then brought to life with ultra-high-resolution scans. It's like having art history in your digital toolbox!
  • Mix & Match Magic: If you're a software hopper, these brushes are your go-to pals. Switch effortlessly between programs without missing a beat.
  • Master Class Included: We've got your back! Each brush comes with a step-by-step tutorial, so you'll be wielding them like a pro in no time.

What is included?

  • 10 x Nib Pen Brushes.
  • 10 x Round Ink Brushes.
  • 10x Flat Ink Brushes.
  • 10x Ink Wash Brushes.
  • 10x Ink Texture Brushes.
  • 2x Ink Smudge Brushes
  • PDF guide to my character inking process.
  • Full in-depth video tutorial for your brushes.
  • Free updates

Software Compatibility:

Please note that these brushes are exclusively compatible with the Procreate application for Apple iPad. They will not function with Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic editing software.

How To download:

  • Download the files directly to your iPad.
  • Locate the .brushset files you downloaded.
  • Click on the .brushset files, and Procreate will automatically handle the installation process, placing these brushes at the top of your brush list.