Mange & Anime Brushes by Brushapes

Sale price¥2,600

Would you risk following the greatest managakas in their footsteps and create a masterpiece worthy of Attack on Titan, Dororo, or Naruto? Have you already imagined the most appealing characters and now lack the tools to bring them to life?

If these questions excite you, you are in the right place. Passionate lovers of manga and anime ourselves, we're here to transform our passion into a collection of professional brushes.

Inking, shading, patterns, speech bubbles — every step of manga creation is covered with appropriate tools so you can stay focused on the characters and the story. To make this collection possible, we've teamed up with a talented artist, Kristina Vorotnikova. She's spent years drawing manga characters and creating fan art. The experience of making her own brushes for manga isn't new to her, so this pack not only features the most advanced drawing supplies but is made by someone who knows all the traps and pitfalls.

The collection will appeal to seasoned digital artists who feel confident working with ink brushes. If you've invested in a course at Anime Art Academy, Domestika, or Skillshare, this set will also be a perfect introduction to the world of manga drawing.

The set includes 6 brushes, repeating the most popular drawing supplies used for manga: liner, inker, brush pen, g-pen, graphite pencil, and marker. We knew you wouldn't do without special brushes for backgrounds, shades, textures, and patterns, so we've added 6 screentone brushes as an alternative to the traditional sheets of transparent film. The set works with Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Affinity and Clip Studio Paint.