Scribbles Brushes by PixelBuddha

Sale price¥2,000

Teleport back in childhood, when the time was flying by at the opened drawing album. There you were, all focused and serious about inventing colorful plots & creatures, building the whole hand-drawn worlds for them. It didn’t take much to make a little version of you happy! 

As you’re adults now and pay respects to convenience in everything, instead of numerous boxes with different kinds of doodling supplies, have them packed in a collection of 21 comics-tinged Procreate brushes! Densely textured, they come in a great flourish of drawing gear: pencils, crayons, liners, markers, ink, charcoal, sponges dipped in paint and more. Get your iPad with these jaunty strokes installed and hit the road to a lovely trip to Imaginationville! 


What's inside?

  • 21 Procreate brushes; 
  • various stoke textures; 
  • pencil, liner, spray, crayon styles; 
  • help file.