Texture DJ Brushes by Brushapes

Sale price¥2,600

The collection features 20 texture brushes, ten of which are pressure-sensitive. The pressure brushes allow smooth transitions, which is useful for classic-style book illustrations, pencil drawings, or whenever you want to achieve a glowing look.

What if we call you a brush DJ, huh? Real DJs mix tracks, or manipulate beats, tempo, or use effects to create a unique sound experience. You do exactly the same on your iPad in Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity, Clip Studio Paint or Procreate — yet, by means of brushes and your finest drawing skills.

This collection is your improvised DJ console, where you can access the infinite power and variety of textures. You can mix them, invent breaking plays of colors and transitions, experiment with volume, shape, and composition — all through teeny-tiny dots and strokes.

Texture DJ Brushes is another brush set by an artist and designer, Olga Lysenkova. She loves exploring traditional drawing supplies and academic techniques in order to bring them to the digital canvas. And this time, it really is about techniques! She strived to make a versatile set you'd use for almost any illustration: flat, 3D, luminous, pencil sketch, and more. Here, textures act like a powerful spirit — or a high-quality surround sound — transforming images into curated art from Behance. Just take a look at the Before & After!

“Oh, once again, we have tried to get you an assortment of textures, from light noise to rich and rough lines or from fine grain to hatching. Such a variety gives you a lot of room for creativity to approach different illustration styles! When drawing with these brushes myself, I loved shifting from luminous FernGully landscapes to Beatrix Potter-like creatures. See the contrast?”