Vintage Map Brushes by PixelBuddha

Sale price¥3,200

Take out your iPad and create a map to another adventuresome trip of yours or reveal everyone where the treasure is hidden. Whatever your plan is, these Procreate stamp brushes will be your instruments for achieving any artistic idea fix!

There are 65 stamp brushes divided into 5 groups: animals, vessels, buildings, islands and nature. We didn't forget about the compositional features as well: authentic vintage map borders are also in there, working as stamp strokes. To wrap it up, the collection is complemented with 13 Procreate brushes for drawing if you feel like carrying something out yourself. Check out the more detailed list of features and grab this wondrous collection!

What's inside?

  • 65 stamp brushes (pigeon, eagle, clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, compass, 3 air vessels, 3 boats, 3 sea monsters, 11 buildings, 15 islands, 7 mountains, 8 trees).
  • 4 stamp brushes as map borders.
  • 15 seamless repeat pattern brushes (water, land, sky, and atlas grid).
  • 13 brushes (outline, point and dotted).
  • Help file.