VOLT - Vector Brushes for Affinity Designer by GreenRoom

Sale price¥4,300

Create amazing vector illustrations across a massive range of styles! Whether you want to add a quick touch of character to simple vector shapes and illustrations – or create much more complex and detailed artwork that’s bursting with life and flavour – VOLT has you covered.

At the heart of the pack is over 150 vector brushes, including outliners, multiliners and patterns in a range of styles which can be used as strokes or fills for you to mix and match to create your very own look. They range from crisp, neat strokes / pattern strokes through to rougher, more distressed looks - and they all play nicely together, so your final artwork looks cohesive.

We’ve included a ton of bonus content in the pack as well - asides from the usual collection of handpicked colour palettes to choose from, we’ve also included loads of object styles to jumpstart your process. WIth a single click, you can apply a brush stroke, set colours and add textures to any shape you’ve drawn.
And for the perfect finishing touch (or more control on each and every shape in your illustration) we’ve created a collection of 10 high resolution, tiled, repeating paper textures which already have their layer blend mode and opacity set - simply select (or draw) a shape, click on one of our paper styles and it sets it all up in a nano second. And, of course,  you can adjust the texture scale, strength or reposition the texture and it will always look flawless.

To complete this massive collection of vector brushes, we’ve also created an in-depth, full length tutorial which walks through our entire illustration process - start to finish. This includes a pen tool crash course to quickly get you up to speed, plus all of our most used shortcuts, tips and tricks to show you the simplest and quickest workflow we use.

So give your vector artwork the VOLT of energy it needs  - and try it out today!