Voodoo Concept Art - Procreate, Photoshop, Affinity Design by GreenRoom

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Voodoo Concept Art for Procreate, Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer is here! This mammoth pack has all the brushes, tools and tutorials you need to create stunning concept art.

This double pack focuses on faces and bodies. We’ve spent months – not just creating over 150 professional brushes and a crazy amount of bonus extras – but also on really refining the illustration process for four distinct artwork styles.

We’ve designed each style to simplify the process as much as possible - the idea is to make the steps as linear as possible, for as long as possible, so they are consistent and repeatable every time you go to create new artwork - you can get 90% of the way there every time without ever overthinking it, or using much trial and error! The last few steps at the end are where you can really make it your own (or just follow our own style in the meantime). These styles cover every skill level, while having some common approaches between them all, so going through everything is a great way to really level up.

The huge brush library isn’t just usable for the styles we cover - they can work for any style you like as they cover a wide range of stylised media - inks, paints, digi-pastels, textures, grains, markers - even abstract shapes and fills - so there’s something for everyone. (Quick note for curious Affinity Designer users - all brushes are raster!)

Two big things we find that holds back a lot of character artwork (including our own at times!) is nailing skin tones and anatomy - so we’ve got some bonus content to help you out with these.

Getting skin tones right can be incredibly time-consuming and tricky at times. So, in this pack, we’re introducing our unique skin tone colour palettes. We’ve never been a fan of importing generic swatch blocks into any of our illustration apps for certain uses - especially for skin tones. Which ones do you use and where? With our new visual palettes, it’s super obvious what needs to go where. Just choose from the range of different skin tones, pop it into your illustration app of choice and you can colour pick and go. With 10 different palettes available, you can also choose between two styles - simple or complex.

Another massive time-saver is our 55 head and body brush stamps - these are a collection of different poses and angles in brush form - you just tap them on your canvas and you’re ready to create your sketch on top. No more worrying about anatomy or trying to figure out exactly what’s not quite right!

To get you up and running in no time, we’ve also included a load of video tutorials and PDFs. For each of our four main face styles, we’ve created complete, step-by-step walkthroughs so you can see how we tackle everything, start to finish. Others show you some of our most powerful layer and masking control tips or how to draw character turnarounds … and more.

There’s a few more bonus goodies in there too - but check out the trailer above in the meantime as it’ll give you a great overview of everything! Hopefully you guys will enjoy using this pack as much as we enjoyed making it :)