About the new PenTips 2 Versions: Hard & Soft

PenTips 2 is now available in Hard and Soft. This means that you can get the perfect firmness and durability for your writing or drawing style. PenTips 2 Hard gives a better feel for creating digital text as it feels more like writing with pen and paper. PenTips 2 Soft are made of a soft silicone rubber which is perfect for digital illustrators.

When we first introduced PenTips 2, there was only one version. This version is now known as the Soft version. We noticed that 3% of the digital notetakers went through the original tip quicker than expected. Together with these customers, we came to the conclusion that the Soft version is not suitable for digital notetakers or digital illustrators that draw with a lot of force or pressure. For this group, we created PenTips 2 Hard

Either way, you’ll enjoy the same great features of the PenTips 2. So, which version is right for you? Read on to find out more about the hard and soft versions of the PenTips 2.

PenTips 2 Soft vs Hard

The new PenTip 2 Soft is ideal for those who prefer a softer feel when drawing and painting digitally. It also provides more control and precision when working with small details. We generally advice PenTips 2 Soft for digital illustrators.

While the Soft variant is ideal for drawing and sketching, the Hard version offers a more natural writing experience and can withstand users that create with a lot of force of pressure. We generally advice PenTips 2 Hard for digital notetakers.

What To Do If You Bought Our Original Tip (Soft) and Want To Try Out The Hard Version.

For those that bought the original tip (Soft) before 2023 and want to try out our new version (Hard), we want to offer a 50% discount code. Here's how you get that discount code:

  1. Send an email to write@pen.tips with the subject: PenTips 2 Hard Discount. 
  2. In this email, please share your order number with us. If you can not find this, your full name and address will do.
  3. We will use this information to verify that you did indeed purchase PenTips 2 before 2023. If we find you in the system, we will email you a personal discount code for 50% off PenTips 2 Hard.