Fire Brushes By Andrew Skoch

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Introducing the Fire Procreate Brushes – a dynamic set of 12 brushes tailored for Procreate on Apple iPad. Each brush is designed to achieve a realistic fire effect. With 12 distinct flame variations, it's effortless to infuse your photos and artworks with lifelike flames. The simplicity of use lies in brushing over your canvas, instantly bringing the breath and intensity of fire to your creations. Enhance your creative process further by experimenting with color flames – these brushes work effortlessly with different hues, enabling you to create vibrant and colorful fire effects

Key Features

  • 12 distinct flame brushes that vary in fullness, bloom, and shape
  • Easily create/replicate flame effects
  • Brushes change with pressure, allowing for a seamless transition from subtle flames to bold fiery strokes with varying line thickness.

This Bush set includes:

  • 12 Flame Brushes 

Software compatibility

These brushes require Procreate 5.0 and an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus for optimal use.

How To Use:

- Download the file on your iPad

- Click on "Fire_[by_Sko4].brushset"

- Procreate will automatically install all the brushes and they will appear at the top of your brush list