Get That Feeling Bundle

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This exclusive package combines three of our most innovative products, designed to maximize your comfort and enhance your precision on digital devices.

Included in the Bundle:

  1. PenTips Ink: Our PenTips Ink is designed for those who crave the feel of ink on paper. These replacement tips for your stylus transform digital strokes into smooth, flowing lines that mimic traditional inking tools. Ideal for artists and professionals who appreciate detailed, precision work.

  2. PenMat 2: The newly released PenMat 2 offers an upgraded attachment to your iPad: Riptide Technology. It will not move around on your screen, yet the nib makes it easy to remove it. This screen protector not only protects your device but also reduces glare and fingerprints, making it easier to see your work and keep your screen pristine.

  3. Ergonomic Grip: Designed to reduce fatigue during long creative sessions, our ergonomic grip fits comfortably around your stylus. It ensures that you can work for hours without discomfort, providing a thicker, more controllable grip.

Embrace the future of digital creativity without sacrificing the natural feel you love. Get that satisfying drawing and writing experience today with our exclusive "Get That Feeling Bundle." Your creativity deserves the best tools, and with this bundle, you can keep your focus on unleashing your imagination.

Textured Feeling PenMat 2 (Size): iPad Pro 12.9" Without Home Button
Ergonomic Grip (Color): Black