When To Replace Your Apple Pencil Tip
One of the most interesting contemporary debates is on the following question: when to replace the Apple Pencil tip? It has puzzled people since the Apple Pencil came out in 2015. In the last 7 years, a lot of data...
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Ipad on table with text "nebo vs notability" on the iPad screen
In a previous blog we have discussed whether GoodNotes or Notability would be a good fit for you. In this blog, we will compare Nebo vs Notaility. Taking the step from notes on paper to notes on digital paper is one that...
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The Best Vector Drawing Apps for iPad 2022
So, you're looking for best vector drawing app for iPad? In this blog we'll go over the best iPad vector drawing apps.  What is vector drawing? Vector drawing allows you to scale whatever you have drawn to any size without...
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