Sketchbook Brushes by Julia Dreams

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Sketch art brushes for Procreate are great for artists who want to create realistic hand-drawn sketches on their iPad. These brushes come with a variety of textures, including pencil, charcoal, and ink, which can give your sketches a different look and feel. Sketch art brushes can be used to create different styles, from quick gesture drawings to detailed illustrations. They offer great versatility and are perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their digital art skills and create stunning sketches on their iPad.

This collection has been carefully designed with attention to detail. Magic canvases and only the essential brushes included to achieve real results, color palettes and sketches for a quick start.

Sketchbook Brushes for Procreate / Mixed Media includes:

- 15 Procreate Brushes - file .brushset;
- 3 Magic Canvases - file .procreate, Large Canvas - 6364 x 4500 px, Standard Canvas - 3000 x 4243 px, 300 dpi;
- 6 Color Palettes - file .swatches;
- Guide - pdf;


You will receive a PDF file with a link where the files are hosted. As the files are very large is size (1,1 GB), and Etsy has a limit of max 100 MB. You do not need to have an account, you can just download using the link in the package.

iPad Compatibility: All models with Procreate app - Procreate 5 or newer