Stiftspitzen Fuzzy [BETA]


Wir freuen uns, den BETA-Start von PenTips Fuzzy bekannt zu geben!

50 Kunden können sich jetzt unserem BETA-Testteam anschließen. Wir senden Ihnen anschließend eine kostenlose PenTips Fuzzy BETA und einige Feedback-Formulare zu. Helfen Sie uns, den besten PenTip aller Zeiten zu entwickeln?

Danke für Ihre Teilnahme!


Jeder PenTips Fuzzy besteht aus Flockmaterial und ist von Millionen winziger Fasern umhüllt, die zusammengeklebt sind, um eine samtartige Oberfläche zu schaffen, die sich unter Ihren Fingerspitzen seidig und weich anfühlt.

Diese einzigartige Konstruktion ermöglicht ein butterweiches Gleiten über Ihr Tablet und ermöglicht mühelose Bewegungen in jede Richtung.

Bringen Sie das traditionelle Pinselgefühl auf Ihr iPad!


  • 2 PenTips Fuzzy tips with every set
  • Shipped from The Netherlands
  • Compatibility: every generation Apple Pencil®


We are thrilled to announce the beta launch of our latest innovation, the PenTips Fuzzy!

This unique opportunity is available to the first 50 customers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Your insights and experiences are invaluable to us. By participating in this beta test, you'll play a crucial role in the final development stages of PenTips Fuzzy. All we ask in return is your commitment to provide feedback through some forms we will send out after your experience with the product.

As a token of our appreciation for your time and input, beta testers who complete the feedback forms will receive an exclusive 20% discount on the official launch of the PenTips Fuzzy.

Bring the traditional paintbrush feel to the ease of your iPad with PenTips Fuzzy! Designed with the traditional artist in mind, PenTips Fuzzy brings the flowing movement of a paintbrush to your beloved digital canvas.

Fuzzy Apple Pencil Tips

Crafted from flock material, each PenTips Fuzzy is enveloped in millions of tiny fibers, adhered to create a velvet-like surface that feels silky and plush under your fingertips.

This unique construction offers a buttery smooth glide across your tablet, allowing for effortless strokes in any direction.

Bring the traditional paintbrush feel to the ease of your iPad!

Vibrant Design

PenTips Fuzzy isn't just about functionality; its Fuzziness is a statement of style. Each tip is dressed in a vibrant magenta purple.

The small coat of fuzz not only enhances the tactile sensation but also makes your Apple Pencil that much more unique.

2000+ 5 Star Ratings

Many customers have left a positive review on our Trustpilot. And if you're still not convinced, don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Leah Nelson

These Apple pen tips are awesome. I’m still trying to get used to them, but using them in calligraphy in Procreate just improved my writing!

Mike Espezel

Great after sales service with positive results. The tips are brilliant and make the Apple Pencil useful for controlled drawing and writing.

Audrey Straight

I love my PenTips. I go back and forth between sketching on my iPad and on paper and with a PenTip on my Apple Pencil I have only a minimal adjustment, it feels so much like drawing on paper.


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