Creating for Creators

We're a team of enthusiasts that live for creating.

If you ever come visit our offices we could be beatboxing, acting as our alter ego's or playing country music on the radio (if you come on Redneck Wednesday). But we also do serious things like writing and filming content, keeping our social media up to date, answering questions from our customers, shipping out your Pen Tips on time and making future product decisions. Currently, most of us are working from home. Nevertheless, we thought it would be nice for you to see what the team looks like behind Pen Tips.
So, we're proud to present ourselves as:

Team Pen Tips

Digital Marketer


Customer Representative

Product Design

Collaborations Manager

Logistics Manager

Quality Control


Lead Product & Marketing

Hope you love what we do as much as we do. If you think we can improve on anything or you just want to let us know the name of your dog - then feel free to reach out to Marc at or all of us at To finish off, we think it is so cool that our efforts have stretched across the globe. Already, we've shipped to these countries and islands (107 and counting)! Is your flag missing? Order, then let us know 😉

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