3D Letters Toolkit by Aurelie Maron

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The 3D Letters Toolkit by Aurelie Maron features all you need to create realistic 3D lettering. The brush set includes 10 brushes: 2 monoline brushes, 2 shading brushes, 2 highlight brushes, 2 pattern brushes, and 2 texture brushes. These brushes are all you need to create beautiful textured effect and highlights or anything else you wish to create!

In addition to those brushes, you'll find ready-to-use backgrounds, alphabets for reference, and creative colour palettes to use in your designs.

What's included:

  • 1 Brush Set (1 .brushset file for the set containing 10 brushes).

  • 6 Textures (1 .procreate and .jpg file for each texture).

  • 4 Colour Palettes (1 .procreate file for each colour palette).

  • 3 Alphabets for reference (1 .procreate and .jpg file for each alphabet).

  • 1 .PDF (with all the instructions to install the brushes to your iPad).